Botanical Name: Fraxinus mandshurica
Common Name: Manchurian Ash  
Plant photo of: Fraxinus mandshurica
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  • Anatomy

  • Culture

  • Design

Plant Type



Height Range

25-40', 40-60'


Flower Color



Flower Season



Leaf Color



Bark Color



Fruit Color



Fruit Season








Growth Rate



Soil Type

Sandy, Clay, Loam, Rocky, Unparticular


Soil Condition

Average, Rich, Poor, Well-drained, Dry


Soil pH

Acid, Neutral, Basic


Adverse Factors


Design Styles

Mediterranean, Ranch, Spanish, Woodland


Accenting Features

Fall Color, Silhouette


Seasonal Interest

Winter, Summer, Fall


Location Uses

Background, Entry, Shrub Border, Lawn, Park, Walls / Fences


Special Uses

Screen, Shade Tree, Small Spaces


Attracts Wildlife


Information by: Stephanie Duer
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The Manchurian ash is an ideal deciduous tree for smaller yards, where a tree with a lush crown is desired. Its upward-arching branches are so strong and stout that they shrug off the heaviest snows and most ice storms. In summer, bright green, almost chartreuse leaves give the tree a cool, refreshing look. The real show comes in fall when the leaves turn intense chrome yellow; then almost as if on cue, they drop in unison—leaves only have to be raked once. After the leaves have fallen, the new wood displays its yellow color all winter. Grows about 45 feet tall and 25 feet wide.
WARNING: Emerald Ash Bore have been identified in Colorado; this is a highly destructive invasive pest and has caused significant damage to ash trees throughout the eastern United States. Go to for more information. Grow in full sun and well drained soil. Ashes are adaptive to a variety of soil types and pH. Though heat and drought tolerant, when planted in an area with alot of hardscape (such as a parking lot or plaza), they will be healthier if provided with extra water during the hot summer months.